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About us


Ottica Terruzzi was founded in 1954 in Como by Giuseppe Terruzzi, graduated as Optical Expert at Istituto Galileo Galilei in Milan in 1953. His interest in optometry – which was ahead of his time – led him to become member of SOE (European Society of Ophthalmology).

Expert in rigid contact lenses since 1960s then in soft lenses for all kinds of ametropia, he focused on the application of particular lenses for keratoconus and cosmetic lenses.

In the 80s his son Paolo started helping him out and after his high school degree he specializes in Optics and in 1987 in Optometry with the graduation thesis “Despositi sulle lenti a contatto”.

They decided to open a new shop in 1989 in the Bennet Shopping Center of Montano Lucino, besides the historical one in Via Dante. After this one 4 other shops followed.

In 2001 all the business has been focused in the brand new shop in Via Milano, where refraction and contact lenses application was made in three rooms with the most advanced technologies.

As ski instructor at Club Alpino Italiano, Paolo set up a shop where all the mountain sports lovers could find technic products and the total competence in this field.

From 1954 automated keratometry, computer-aided campimetry, corneal topography, air-puff tonometry e digital biomicroscopy are put in service for visual analysis and for all kinds of lenses application.